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Here you can find a listing with all the topics of site

  • Contains all the articles of the site

  • Articles based on google analytics

    Topic dedicated to web analytics using Google analytics

  • Tips & Tricks

    In this topic you will find articles with tips and tricks on databases design and best practices on application development for data access or management.

  • POD configuration database

    Here you will find all the downloads related with the POD project configuration database, dedicated to centralize access to SQL Server databases

  • PISA database

    Here you can download the SQL Server version of the PISA database, obtained from the data published by the OECD and included in the POD project

  • Section dedicated to the POD project

    Here you can download all databases of the POD project, a project developed by me to centralize access to SQL Server databases, mainly dedicated to PISA database

  • PISA database

    This topic is dedicated to the analysis of PISA database using the R statistical program

  • Sections related with the R program

    Here you will find files R code related with articles dedicated to data analysis and statistical

  • In this topic you cand found and download projects and source code in csharp programming languaje, developeds using Microsoft VisualStudio.

  • Database tools

    Here you can find database tools for Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL databases

  • Here you can find a collection of introductory articles to the complex systems and their applications.

  • Mathematics

    Here you can find all the articles related with mathematical programming using .NET framework and C# code.

  • In this topic you can find some downloads of complete tools that have some relation with mathematics.

  • Articles related with Microsoft DirectShow programming

    Here you will find all articles related to programming video capture devices using Microsoft DirectShow.

  • IP Cameras

    This topic contains articles related with different types of network cameras using the TCP/IP protocol.

  • In this topic you can find articles which can help you to add a rich graphic user interface to your applications, by means of personalized controls or new controls made from scratch.

  • Tips & Tricks

    In this topic you can find some tips and tricks that can help you to solve common issues when developing an application using the csharp language.

  • In this topic you will find mounts of boards with electronic components managed by Arduino controllers.

  • Logic programming in C#

    In this topic you can find some programming projects which are related with formal logic and logic tools that can be useful in artificial intelligence programming.

  • Graphical analysis in complex systems

    In this topic you can find articles about graphical methods of characterization and analysis of complexity in different systems.

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