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This section groups all the topics about programming using csharp language in .NET framework.

  • Tips & Tricks

    In this topic you can find some tips and tricks that can help you to solve common issues when developing an application using the csharp language.

  • Logic programming in C#

    In this topic you can find some programming projects which are related with formal logic and logic tools that can be useful in artificial intelligence programming.

  • Mathematics

    Here you can find all the articles related with mathematical programming using .NET framework and C# code.

  • In this topic you can find articles which can help you to add a rich graphic user interface to your applications, by means of personalized controls or new controls made from scratch.

  • Compilers

    This topic is dedicated to the construction of compilers, interpreters and the design of programming languages.

  • Articles about networking and communications programming

    In this topic you can find articles related to programming for networks and communications in general.

  • Mobile devices

    In this topic you can find developments and Apps related to Windows, Android or iOS mobile devices, using Visual Studio and platforms like Xamarin.

  • Multitasking

    Currently most computers have multi-core processors, so multi-threaded programming has become a reality and a necessity to optimize the performance of modern applications. In this topic you will find articles related to the programming of multitasking applications.