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About me and this blog

Miguel Díaz Kusztrich

I've been dedicating to this of the informatics since the 80s of last century. My first computer was a ZX Spectrum, with which I learned to program in machine code (yes, writing numbers) and, later, when I could buy the GENS3, in assembler. With it I started writing some collaborations in magazines like Micro Hobby and Micro Mania.

Thanks to this computer, I got my first job as computer programmer, in a voice recognition project (yes, voice recognition with a Spectrum) to assist in the education of deaf mutes, by means of games handled pronouncing correctly the vowels.

Over time they began to generalize other more powerful computers and I made some first steps with the Amiga 500, but, luckily for me, my bosses decided to move to the PC world and I began to specialize myself in this type of computers, first on MS-DOS and, later, on Windows.

Although I started programming with Borland tools, such as Turbo C, soon I switched to those of Microsoft, especially when appeared Visual C ++, with which I also developed a clinical audiometer based on the Sound Blaster sound card and a program for early detection of deafness by means of evoked potentials, also based on the Sound Blaster card.

I studied at the Polytechnic of Madrid the diplomate in computer science, during which, along with two other colleagues, we develop an expert system for electrocardiography, first for MS-DOS and later the Windows version. Since then I have been specializing in desktop application programming in Windows environment with Microsoft tools, mainly Visual Studio.

I have also made inroads into the world of multimedia and e-Learning, participating in a project with five of the major Spanish electricity companies, based on Oracle 8i, with which I entered the world of database design and programming.

I am currently on a project for a Spanish logistics big company, where I touch a lot of different fields, since store management or vehicle logistics, to JIT supply to vehicle assembly line, participating in the development and maintenance of multiple applications with Oracle and SQL Server databases.

It was precisely at this last job where someone recommended me migrate to the development of mobile and web applications, and where I also decided to enter in the world of data analytics, for which I have been studying for several years in the little time I have left. Precisely for this reason, I have seen the wealth of information available online for self-training, and the great help that suppose for personal and professional development of many people, so I decided to contribute too with my bit and I developed this blog, with which I hope to share information and useful software also, as I progress with my learning.

Although I am convinced of the great good that give us the open source systems and free applications, and despite what might appear by the name of this blog, I will focus especially on development in Microsoft environments, as I believe that, professionally speaking, mastering on technologies well introduced into the market pays off.

I have also decided (for finally) to study English seriously, so I will write all articles both in Castilian and English. I beg understanding to speakers of this language for the kicks to your language that I'll surely hit on.