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  • 26/11/2016

    WInRQA is an application dedicated to recurrence plots, a tool that is used in the analysis of recurrence of complex time series. In this article I will present the first extension of the application, which mainly consists of a series of tool windows that will help you to make estimates on what may be the most appropriate delay to try to reconstruct the phase space of the system attractor and select the correct embedding dimension.

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  • 11/11/2016

    A recurrence plot is a graphical tool used in the study of complex time series. Along with the plot we can also calculate a series of measures that allow us to perform a recurrence quantification analysis, or RQA. In this article I will present the WinRQA application, a tool to work with recurrence plots and RQA measures in a Windows environment.

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  • 09/04/2016

    Usually, when you perform a data analysis, you suppose that they come from a normal distribution. In fact, you perform a battery of tests to verify that this assumption is met and, otherwise, you try to modify the data so that it is satisfied. This is because most analysis techniques only work properly on normally distributed data. But there are a number of systems that present a complex dynamics where is not valid to apply this hypothesis and wherein adjusting the data only leads to distortions that invalidate the results.

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